image has taken a look at questions still left hanging after series 5 and 6 of Doctor Who. SFX writer Will Salmon took a look at the questions and attempted to answer them, check out some of them below:

What’s going on with Madame Kovarian?

She’s dead in the aborted timeline, killed by Amy. But since that universe no longer exists, she’s probably still knocking about with The Silence and basking in her apparent victory. Will we see her again? It seems likely, if only to give Amy a bit of closure. Then again maybe the Silence activated her Eye Drive as soon as their plan to kill the Doctor appeared to succeed.

Are the Doctor and River married now?

Because technically River married the Teselecta, not the Doctor. We’re sure there must be a law against that sort of thing. Yet River still refers to being the Doctor’s wife in the scene with Amy and Rory in the garden…

What’s going on with the other timeship from “The Lodger”?

Cast your mind back to “The Lodger” and the ship above Craig’s flat. As the Doctor notes, it was curiously TARDIS like in design, with a hexagonal control room and a perception filter similar to the TARDIS’s Chameleon Circuit. It, or a ship very like it, shows up again in “Day Of The Moon” and is under the control of The Silence. So, is the ship in “The Lodger” the same craft as in “Day Of The Moon”— (having perhaps vworped to Colchester after River kills the Silence in 1969)? Or is it another of the same design? And are these the Silence’s own timeships, or have they just stolen the technology?

So who blew up the TARDIS in “The Big Bang”?

Was it The Silence? That seems likely, but we’ve never actually been told. A voice says “silence will fall”, but it doesn’t sound anything like a Silent. And what caused it to blow up in the first place? In light of season six, it seems likely that it has something to do with River being on board at the time (given that she was programmed to kill the Doctor. Perhaps something about her caused it to explode). Whatever, its destruction causes the cracks in time that eat up Amy’s parents in season five. Was this deliberate? Because if so it rather goes against what we know of their plans now.

Now we come to mention it, what exactly is The Silence?

Right. So there’s this religious order called The Silence. Their mantra is “silence will fall”, which sounds like a goal. But we learn in season six that it’s actually something they are trying to prevent. “Silence will fall when the question is asked.” That’s bad, apparently. But then the Doctor complicates things by saying that the silence is “my silence. My death”. So, er, which is it? Are there, in fact, three silences? The silence that will fall when the question is asked, the silence of the Doctor’s death in Utah and The Silence themselves? And isn’t that just a wee bit confusing?

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