SFX have revealed 35 facts learnt from Elisabeth Sladens newly released autobiography, which is a “fascinating read for any Doctor Who fan”. See an extract below:

Tom Baker brought the house down at John Nathan-Turner’s memorial service by saying, “What would John, looking down, be thinking now? Well, I can tell you… He would be thinking, ‘I would rather it were Tom up here than me!’”

Lis was in terrible pain throughout the filming of “School Reunion” after tearing a quad muscle. “If you look really closely, you can see one of my thighs is twice the size of the other!”

The production team wanted The Brigadier to give Sarah Jane away in “The Wedding Of Sarah Jane”, but sadly Nicholas Courtney was too ill to take part.

Lis was diagnosed with cancer in February 2011. The first person she told was Russell T Davies – she rang him on the way back from the hospital.

Read more here. Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography is out now.