Whether you’re a regular listener of Big Finish titles, or never heard any in your life, that’s okay, this is a complete stand alone story with a little amount of references to previous stories and no on-going story arc. This release features a brand new never before heard opening theme, which is very bold and borrows elements from the TV movie whilst also nods Murray Golds new series theme.

This title stands out to me because not only does it feature the return of the Doctors arch enemies the Cybermen, but because it is so wonderfully atmospheric, it really feels like you’ve entered a new world and are now in the 19th century with the Doctor. The environment is captured superbly.

Now let’s talk a bit about the Cybermen. It’s definitely quite nice to see a well thought out story featuring the fan favourite enemies in their old form, and it seems like Big Finish are doing much more with the villains than the TV series ever did. They have a very creepy presence throughout, and a chilling back story.

I can imagine listeners being a bit unsure of new companion Mary Shelley at first, but she soon comes out of her shell and has some memorable moments, such as when she responds to the Doctors brief explanation of the Cybermen with “Is that information seriously meant to enlighten me?” and later even breaks his sonic screwdriver! She is a very welcomed new addition to the line of companions and I think she fills previous audio companions shoes very well.

You can tell the Doctor we see here is a young version of the 8th incarnation of the Timelord, a seemingly carefree man bursting with enthusiasm and excitement for adventure. At one point he refers to the Cyberman as "one of the Mondas originals”, a nice reference to the original 1st Doctor Cybermen story “The Tenth Planet” for old school fans out there. The story is split into four parts and follows the classic story telling format, each part ending on a cliffhanger, a thrilling revelation occuring at the end of each part, drawing you back into the next one.

Overall, the story moves rather quickly, it doesn’t drag out like one may expect an audio drama to. It definitely provides fans with a nice adventure to listen to whilst the main show is off air. You can judge this release by the cover (that is if you like the cover!). The story is just as well written and acted out as you’d expect an action packed thriller movie to be, and is made in the best quality possible, so hats off to the makers for that.image

Huge thanks to Big Finish for sending us this title, you can expect to see more reviews from their Doctor Who ranges soon. You can buy The Silver Turk from these retailers:

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