Bluewater Comics will be publishing a new Doctor Who comic series titled “The Cast of Doctor Who”, which will act as a biography for all of the actors who played the role of the Timelord, re-told in comic form. It will come in two versions, each telling the story of different Doctors, or as a complete graphic novel.


Doctor Who is the longest running Sci-Fi TV series of all time. The secret to its longevity is its uncanny ability to recast the lead actor every few years. But who are the people behind "The Doctor?" The Cast of Doctor Who takes you back in time to learn about the personal histories of William Hartnell, Tom Baker, Paul McGann, and the newest incarnation of The Doctor, Matt Smith, including a bonus bio of 1960's Doctor Who Movie actor Peter Cushing.

“Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who” writer Paul Salamoff said:

I have been obsessed with Doctor Who for as long as I can remember. My office is literally filled with Doctor Who Toys, Books, DVD's and Daleks. Lots of Daleks! I find that the possibilities with the character are endless and the stories touch on every aspect of science fiction that I love.

Bluewater Comics, president Darren Davis said:

At Bluewater Comics we felt that a show like Doctor Who needed to have a bio-comic done. There were so many fine actors who played the role of the time traveler, we just wanted to highlight the careers of a handful of the actors.

The graphic novel is due for release on January 31st for £5.99. Pre-order here.