UPDATE: The full press release and trailer is now available in our new post here.

BBC Worldwide have announced and released a trailer for what looks like a very promising Doctor Who game currently being developed by Supermassive Games for the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and PC. The game is titled Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and allows gamers to take on the role of the Doctor and River Song as they explore the universe of Doctor Who over multiple time periods. Work on the game is nearing completion as it is due for release early next year! A teaser trailer for the game was uploaded to BBC Worldwide's Youtube but has since been removed.

This could finally be the game Doctor Who fans have been waiting for after the previous release of the Nintendo Wii and DS games turned out to be what most people would consider an insult to the world of gaming.

Are you excited about The Eternity Clock? What platform will you be getting it on? Let us know below!