Doctor Who The Brain of Morbius Released Today

Today a classic Doctor Who story called The Brain of Morbius was released on DVD. It features the story that originally aired in 1976. It features the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith and it is made up of 4 half hour parts. Below is more information on the episode;

The Time Lords have taken control of the TARDIS, sending the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith into dangerous territory...
On the graveyard planet of Karn, the eternal Sisterhood fights to keep the sacred flame alive. High in the castle, the brilliant surgeon Mehendri Solon conducts gruesome experiments on living flesh. And as a storm approaches, evil from the depths of Time Lord history plots its return to the land of the living. But is even the Doctor's mind a match for the Brain of Morbius?

The DVD is out now at all good shops at the price of £19.99 and has a PG Certificate. Will you be buying The Brain of Morbius on DVD? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles