Mutant Cybermen in Christmas Special

Some newspapers are reporting that the Doctor will meet mutant Cybermen in this year's Christmas special. The mutant Cybermen which are apparently called Cybershades were seen during filming for the episodes and images of them can be found here but please be aware of spoilers. A BBC insider told the newspaper the following;

"Like we did with the Daleks, we've taken the original robot and made it a bit more sinister," the insider told the newspaper. "The Cybershade is a mutant with some of the looks of the Cybermen - but it is a much darker creation. Fans always want something new. Just wheeling out Cybermen again would be tame."

The Cybermen are going to return to Doctor Who this Christmas on BBC One. The name of the episode is unknown, but it is known that it contains three words. In other news CardBoardCutOut.Net have announced the next Doctor Who cutouts to be released later this month and you can read more about that here. What do you think of the Cybershades? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles