The DVD Files Issue 15

The fifteenth issue of the The Doctor Who DVD Files was released in all good newsagents across the UK and Ireland today. This issue of the magazine comes with your next DVD which includes the series three episodes "Smith and Jones" and the "The Shakespeare Code". Inside the issue you can read about the Cyberking, Sarah Jane Smith, the Judoon translator device, the 3rd Doctor's adventures through time and space and much more. The issue also features two new episode guides and it also includes a behind the scenes feature which includes an interview with the Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures writer Gareth Roberts. This issue is on sale now at the RRP of £6.99 and issue 16 will be released in 2 weeks time, and it will come with your next DVD which features the series 3 episodes "Gridlock", and "Daleks in Manhattan". You can visit the magazines official website here.