The Sarah Jane Adventures News and More

Recently an event called the “See Me on CBBC” Tour was on in the Trafford Centre and at the event you had the chance to act out SJA scenes. One of the scenes featured a Judoon, and the other featured the Blathereen, the Slitheens cousins who will appear in the series three finale. One thing that was learned from the event is that the Blathereen are not green like the Slitheen, but they are orange. You can see an image of the Blathereen from the event below, thanks to Nabu San from the Sarah Jane TV website.


You can read more about the event and what happened there, along with some videos here. In other news it was confirmed that The Sarah Jane Adventures series three will not be showing until October this year. This was revealed by the CBBC presenter yesterday after the SJA Marathon ended. It is rumoured the series will begin on October 15th, which is a Thursday.