Happy Halloween From the Tardis Base!


Today is the 31st of October which means that its Halloween, a day when people dress up as monsters, go to parties, light bonfires and fireworks, and the children go trick or treating! To get you in the mood I put a picture of a character called Maggie who gets infected by the water on Mars in the next episode of Doctor Who which goes out on November 15th on BBC One!

If you are looking for something scary to watch tonight then I recommend Halloween (or Halloween 2, out now in cinemas, for 18s and up), Friday the 13th, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Or if you would prefer to watch something scary that’s Doctor Who related, then maybe you should put on the Torchwood series one episode Countrycide, that always gives me chills, or even the Doctor Who episodes The Empty Child, Human Nature, and Blink.

Happy Halloween, have a good day!

Happy Halloween