Amy Pond The Sun newspaper is reporting that new Doctor Who companion Amy Pond isn’t going to be a policewoman, although she is seen dressed as one in the filming pictures for her first episode. The paper suggests that she is in fact a kissogram. An apparent show insider said;

"Everyone thinks she is this prim and proper policewoman, however it's going to be revealed early on that she works as a kissogram. It's going to be a bit of a shock for the fans, but I think they're going to enjoy it. Amy Pond's a really strong character and Karen is great in the role. Amy's cheeky part is just one of new boss Steven Moffat's ideas to give the series more “edge". Steven Moffat's an edgier writer and the show is going in an exciting new direction."

Please take this info with a pinch of salt, The Sun tends to get things completely wrong when it comes to Doctor Who. Amy Pond will be seen alongside the new Doctor when the series starts up again this Spring.

Read The Sun’s article here.