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The new Decide Your Destiny books, although written for a young age group, are a great read even for the oldest fans out there. The two new adventures released; Claws of the Macra by Trevor Baxendale and The Coldest War by Colin Brake are two new adventures which see you joining the Doctor and Amy for adventures with old enemies the Macra and Sycorax.

Although a little short, the stories allow you to read the same story multiple times, taking different directions each time. Plus they have a unique feature where you can continue the story online in between chapters, and enter codes found in the books to reveal animations which are a nice addition to the story.

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There is a large back catalogue of Decide Your Destiny books with the 10th Doctor, but as with most of the new merchandise, they start off with a new look and feel, now numbered as books 1 and 2, and when you collect all of them it makes out an image of the logo on the side.

Claws of the Macra and The Coldest War are out now for £5.99 each, with two more titles being released on September 2nd, Judoon Monsoon by Oli Smith and Empire of the Wolf by Neil Corry.

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