Cold Blood

Last week’s episode was just the opener for what is to come tonight in Doctor Who, Cold Blood! The episode is airing at a later time than usual, at 7pm tonight on BBC One and BBC HD, and it runs for 50 minutes, five minutes longer than usual. The episode will be followed by Confidential at 7.50pm on BBC Three and BBC HD, the synopsis for Confidential is below.

“The Confidential cameras follow the Doctor Who team as they travel the length and breadth of the UK to launch the new series, getting up close and personal with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as they journey from Belfast to London, taking in emotional whistle-stop visits to their home towns along the way. There's exclusive access and personal insights from everyone involved with this unique tour.

Digging deeper into the making of episode 9, there's a look at the creation of the stunning underground city and the lowdown on what it took to create the earth-shattering climax to this epic adventure.”

Come back here after for the Cold Blood guide and Vincent and the Doctor trailer! Are you looking forward to tonight’s episode? Comment Below!