imageAt the recent series 6 press launch in America Doctor Who writer and producer Steven Moffat was asked if Benedict Cumberbatch could play the Master when he returns next, to which he replied:

“Don’t you think my life is confusing enough? And listen, if John Simm could hear you, you would not live another hour, he came up to me after the press launch for The End of Time and he’d been saying, ‘I think now that David has left as the Doctor, I would have to leave as the Master.’”

Then he pulled me aside and said, ‘I didn’t mean that! I’m fine, they don’t all regenerate at the same time. Look at me, I’m fit! I’m OK!’ So Benedict has to wait in line probably. But how confusing would it be? All four cheekbones at once!”

Do you think John Simm should continue playing the Master?