David Tennant has revealed that he would return to Doctor Who, but there are no current plans for him to do so. The actor who played the wildy popular 10th Doctor told Total Film:
“Not impossible, but no plans at the moment. People keep telling me they’ve read online I’m coming back, but believe me, if that happens I’ll be the first to tell everyone, I’ll be shouting about it very loudly. I am very proud of the show and I am aware it casts a long shadow professionally, but I’m happy about that. It is a shadow wearing a cool, long coat!”
I think the thought on everyone's mind right now is the 50th Anniversary in 2013. I think, especially whilst the 9th and 10th Doctor's are still young, it'd be great to have them back for a multi-Doctor episode to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in style. However, we all know how hostile Chistopher Eccelston is towards Doctor Who now... 

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