Jane Espenson was interviewed by TV Guide following the conclusion of Torchwood: Miracle Day to discuss the finale and the possibility of future series! She wrote half of series 4 and has high hopes for the future...

The Blessing has been destroyed, but The Families behind the miracle are still at large. In the end, we see them re-recruit Jilly (Lauren Ambrose). Has Russell discussed what a continuation would look like? Does he want to follow them?

We didn't talk about what's coming up next — but that doesn't mean Russell hasn't worked out... As far as the families, their agenda is your classic world domination. Where we would go specifically? That's not been shared with me. [Starz has not made a decision on whether or not to renew the series.]

One of the biggest differences between the show's three previous seasons and Miracle Day is that there is nothing extraterrestrial or alien or otherworldly working against Torchwood this time. In fact, The Blessing is nothing more than a mysterious hole in the ground exploited by The Families. Why switch things up?

Yeah, it's the most terrestrial thing possible. Our "alien" was something very, very earthly. There's something interesting and spooky in the notion that it doesn't have to come from "out there." I don't feel that it diverged from the mandate of Torchwood: creepy, unexplained stuff affects the Earth.  Well, that can come from anywhere! I'm sure Russell was thinking he'd just done a big alien season with the 456, and with another alien you'd probably feel like you'd been down that road very recently, and very powerfully.

Jack is special, in large part, because he's immortal. How did you all decide that Rex (Mekhi Phifer) would now be immortal too?

We all really love Mekhi and thought he did an amazing job. That was not something we knew from the beginning. I think it came out of watching Mekhi. This is an interesting guy, and he changes more than anyone else over the course of the season. What would continue that growth? What would be the next interesting step to make Rex broaden his worldview and grapple with something? He's fun to watch grapple with things, you know?... It makes perfect sense within our story — he's full of Jack blood, and it totally changes any story we tell from this point out. And that's great because you want to leave the audience not knowing what's coming next.

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