Digital Spy have an interesting article which looks at what is next for Doctor Who following The Wedding of River Song, using both speculation and information we already know. Read an extract from the article below:

Saturday night's finale 'The Wedding of River Song' hinted strongly at a kind of reboot for the show. "I got too big [and] too noisy," said Matt Smith's Time Lord. "Time to step back into the shadows." With the universe believing that the Doctor is dead, future episodes can effectively pick up from a new page one.

But the finale also altered our perception of the Doctor - note the final scene in which head-in-a-box Dorium Maldovar (Simon Fisher-Becker) bellowed after him, "Doctor Who?!" and Matt Smith let slip a sinister smile at the camera. Hiding a terrible secret from even his closest friends, Steven Moffat's Doctor is mad, bad and dangerous to know.

what do we actually know about the future of Doctor Who? Well, beyond this year's Christmas special - a World War II-set adventure starring Claire Skinner, Bill Bailey and Alexander Armstrong - the answer is not a great deal.

Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have both suggested that they will reprise their roles next year, but with Amy and Rory departing the TARDIS at the conclusion of the current series, should we expect the pair to only appear on a recurring basis from now on?
And what of Alex Kingston's River Song? Much of the mystery surrounding the character's identity was resolved this year and while there's still potential for River to return, it's arguable whether there's much left to do with the character - barring another plot twist!

Perhaps with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who on the horizon, Matt Smith's Doctor will travel solo for the time being, all the better to welcome a succession of big-name guest stars to the show? It's a trick that's worked well for each of the show's festive specials, so there's no reason to suppose that it won't be employed again in 2013.

What do YOU think is next for Doctor Who?