Doctor Faces Vikings and Princess in New Novel

Writer Jenny Colgan has told BBC News some details about her upcoming Doctor Who novel, Dark Horizons. The 320 page book tells of Matt Smith's Doctor arriving on the Western Isles to play on the chess set. He finds the islands under attack by a mysterious fire and also encounters Vikings and a kidnapped princess.
Colgan said: "Writing Dark Horizons has been, as my friends and family already know, a dream come true for me. I grew up on Terrance Dicks and I'm beyond thrilled to be joining the ranks of Doctor Who novelists".
Albert De Petrillo, senior editorial director at BBC Books said:
"We were deeply impressed with the originality and enthusiasm she brought to the task of writing an 11th Doctor adventure. Dark Horizons is simply a terrific Doctor Who story - fast-paced, thrilling and often quite funny, it captures Matt Smith's Doctor perfectly and introduces some very memorable new characters as well. It's a testament to Jenny's range as a writer of quality commercial fiction, and a book I'm proud to publish on the Doctor Who list."
Dark Horizons is due for release on July 5th. Read more about it here.