Doctor Who Adventures #71

The picture above was scanned up by me.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 71 was released today. Inside the issue you can read the top 5 moments from The Stolen Earth, and you can read a preview to the finale episode, Journey's End. Below is the press release;

Doctor what?

The Doctor’s regenerating! Just when we all thought the Doctor and Rose were about to meet again, a deadly Dalek appeared and blasted him – and what a shock that was (for the Doctor as well as us watching). And now he’s starting to change!

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures we prepare readers for more shocks in the final episode of the current series – Journey’s End.

And don’t miss out on the chance to win a life-size Dalek in the first of our three-part competition. This Dalek will be friendly to the lucky winner… we think so, anyway.

The issue comes with a FREE Doctor Who Quiz Book with over 250 questions. How many can you answer?


• Three brilliant posters: Davros, The Stolen Earth and the Supreme Dalek.
• The Stolen Earth: Check out the bits that shocked the world last week.
• Tales from the TARDIS: Eve Newton, who played Charlotte in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, tells us her favourite scene.
• Quiz: What do you remember about The Stolen Earth?
• Secrets: Behind the scenes on Midnight.
• Make: A creepy Davros mask for your face and turn yourself into a Library Node.
• Doctor's Data: Proper Dave and Other Dave facts.
• Comic strip: Part two of The Black Hole Gang.
• Time Teasers: Fun puzzles for you to enjoy
• Who knows!:Do all aliens have special phrases and why is the Doctor better at breathing than humans?
• Win: Goodies up for grabs.
• Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who –Creatures and Demons book!

Doctor Who Adventures #71 was released today at the price of £2.10 across the UK and it came free with the Doctor Who Quiz Book 3. Make sure you get it before next Thursday, when issue 72 will be released which comes free with an inflatable Toclafane and features a Davros fact file and more. Did you get Doctor Who Adventures today? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles