Doctor Who Adventures #75

The Tardis Base has now been sent the cover and details for Doctor Who Adventures issue 75 which was released today. Inside the issue you can read an interview with Freema Agyeman, take a vote on your favourite monster and more. Below is the press release;

Freema Agyeman, known to Doctor Who fans as Martha Jones, tells Doctor Who Adventures what it was like returning to the series in this week’s issue.

‘I was thrilled to be back!’ says Freema. ‘I was going back to see so many wonderful people who I considered friends. We were all really buzzing!’

What does she think Martha feels about Rose?
‘She’s happy for the Doctor. He loves Rose and she can see that. However, Martha is too busy to worry about them – because deciding whether or not to blow up the Earth is at the forefront of her mind!’

Plus we find out all essential information – does Freema find Daleks scary?
‘I find the Cybermen more menacing – I think it’s their humanoid form. But obviously the Daleks are superior, and long may they reign!’

What was it like being with all those companions?
‘Elisabeth Sladen was the biggest breath of normality. If you wanted to be naughty, hang around John Barrowman and you’ll be in trouble in minutes! Catherine is hilarious and Billie is great to talk to!’

The issue comes in a special bumper gift pack – and inside there’s a Dalek sketch pad, colouring pencils and loads of stickers!


· Posters! A Dalek with the Doctor, Donna and Rose, Ood and Martha
· Ultimate Daleks! Cut out and keep guide to the Doctor’s oldest enemies!
· Vote for your favourite monster!
· Tales from the TARDIS: Donna stops Davros!
· Win a Cyber Controller head part 1 – worth almost £700!
· Make: The Doctor’s spare hand – be careful it doesn’t turn you into a half a Time Lord!
· Who’s knows?:Questions about the Doctor’s family, Mr Halpen, mysterious soothsayers and the Time Lords!
· Competition: Create a new planet for the TARDIS to land on!
· Brainbusters: Can you outwit Rattigan’s Academy?
· Doctor's Data: Harriet Jones
· Comic strip: The Lavender Hill Blob continues!
· Time Teasers: Get Star Gazing and a Deadly Dalek puzzle!
· Wovenwordsearch!:Find the missing word and win a great Doctor Who CD.
· Win: Lots of great goodies!
· Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files
· Find out: How to become a Time Agent.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 75, priced £2.50, is out now! Don’t miss it!

Doctor Who Adventures #75 was released today at the higher price of £2.50 across the UK and Ireland and it came free with a Dalek sketch pad, colouring pencils and loads of stickers! Make sure you get it before next Thursday, when issue 75 will be released. Did you get Doctor Who Adventures today? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles