Cybermen in Journeys End?

Thanks to Blogtor Who for the above picture!
In Russell T Davies' new book The Writer's Tale, he confirms that the Cybermen we're originally going to be in Journeys End. It is presumed that they would have made a cliffhanger leading up to the Christmas special. The scene was filmed but the production team thought it would be unsuitable for the episode so they decided not to use it. The deleted scene will be on the Doctor Who series 4 boxset which is out in November. The Writer's Tale also says that the title for the Christmas Special this year is "The Next Doctor", whether this is true of not is yet to be seen. The Writer's Tale is out now is some retailers and it will be released in all good shops on Thursday at the RRP of £29.99. In other news today is Billie Piper's (Rose Tyler) birthday, she is now 26 and the Tardis Base would like to wish her a happy birthday.