Torchwood Series Three - More Stars Revealed

In the latest issue of Torchwood Magazine it revealed some more names for those who will be appearing in Torchwood Series Three. Nick Briggs who is best known for voicing various aliens and monsters in Doctor Who, will be playing a human character in Torchwood. Nicholas Farrell will be playing Brian Green, "an exceptional talent who plays a povital role throughout all five episodes." Katy Wix and Rhodri Lewis both play Rhiannon and Johnny who make "a brilliant combination". Other stars include Ian Gelder as the enigmatic Mr Dekker, Charles Abomeli as Colonel Oduya, and Hilary Maclean as Anna. Torchwood magazine also names some other people who will be appearing but they cannot reveal who they will be playing yet. The names are as follows; Scott Bailey, Melanie Barker, Crisian Emanuel, Patrice Ettienne, Rachel Ferjani, Phylip Harries, Ashley Hunt, Christopher James and Anna Lawson.