Attack of the Cybermen

It has now been confirmed that the classic Doctor Who story, Attack of the Cybermen will be getting released on DVD soon. This story features the 6th Doctor and his companion Peri Brown, played by Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. You can see the synopsis for the story below;

The TARDIS is lured to Earth in 1985 by a distress call sent by Lytton, who has made contact with a group of Cybermen based in London's sewers. The Doctor and Peri are then captured and forced to take Lytton and the Cybermen in the TARDIS to the Cybermen's home planet Telos. The Cybermen have stolen a time vessel from another race and plan to change history by crashing Halley's Comet into Earth and obliterating it before it can bring about the demise of their original home world, Mondas, in 1986.

The DVD will be released in all good shops across the UK and Ireland on the 16th of March at the recommended retail price of £19.99.