The Eleventh Hour has just finished, and now millions of people have seen the new Doctor in action. Matt very easily fills Davids shoes, and adds a lot to the role of the Doctor! In case you missed the episode, then don’t worry as you can see it on BBC iPlayer HERE. And just for you, here are the new OPENING TITLES, plus a new trailer, straight off our YouTube channel!

Update: Digital Spy have just posted ten teasers for next weeks episode, The Beast Below, see them below:

1. It's set more than a millennium into the future, at a time when the Earth has been abandoned and the UK is a floating spaceship known as Starship Britain.

2. That apparently makes Amelia Amy... oooh, 1306 years old.

3. The Smilers are creatures that live in arcade machine boxes, similar to the Zoltar fortune teller from BIG. Except you should try to avoid interacting with these.

4. Amy is presented with three options, Matrix-style. She chooses the second, then the third.

5. "Protestors and citizens of limited ***** are *** ** *** *****."

6. There's an homage to Katy Brand's "f***ing Queen". But this one is merely "the bloody Queen".

7. Amy: "You look *****." The Doctor: "No, you look **** ****."

8. Amy wears her nightie throughout the episode - and it gets wet.

9. He may appear to be fun and kooky, but this Doctor can get angry. REALLY angry.

10. Episode two directly segues into episode three when The Doctor gets a call from an old pal.