Cold Blood

SFX has an interview with Chris Chibnall about the Silurian two parter he wrote. An extract from the interview can be seen below.

Until we saw the Silurian city, the first part of the story was quite small scale. Will it get bigger in the second half?
The second half is totally different to the first half. We always talked about that as a big split between the two episodes, that you’d start with quite a small canvas and then you would broaden and broaden and broaden, so as the characters in the stories realise how much more there is, you’re going on that journey with them as a viewer. In part two you’ll see a lot of the Silurian city, you’ll see more Silurian characters, you’ll see more warriors. A lot of that second episode takes place underground.

So will we get to see dinosaurs?
No, you’re not going to see dinosaurs, but you are going to see a lot of Silurians.

Were you tempted to bring back the Sea Devils as well?
We did have conversations about it, but I think you have to tell the story you’re telling. I think the story is so clearly about the Silurians and what the Silurians want that it’s nice to have a real kind of singularity of purpose to the story. You want to do one race of monsters as well as you can, and you want to spend your money on that. To do two would be much tougher – you’d have to have two leaders, for example.

But I’d love to see the Sea Devils come back. I did say, “Should we put them in, should they be kind of swimming in those pools of lava under the Earth?” but we decided to just do the Silurians. You have to be quite rigorous with yourself as a fan of the show, because it’s like having a sweet tooth – you just want to bring all of these things back and you have to think, hang on, what does the story need? And the story needs that resonance between homo sapien and homo reptilia, and I think if you bring the Sea Devils in that confuses that really clear bit of mirroring. But they should come back. The campaign starts now!

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