impossible astronaut

With just days away from the series 6 premiere on BBC One, Digital Spy have let slip ten teasers about The Impossible Astronaut, see them below:

1. One of the lead characters will die in the first ten-minutes
2. When we first see the Doctor he is in a compromising posistion
3. For Amy and Rory it's been a while since the events of A Christmas Carol but for the Doctor even longer...
4. The Doctor gets slapped
5. "The Legs, the Nose and Mrs Robinson"
6. Amy reveals a shocking secret, but keeps another from the Doctor
7. The Doctor drinks wine, and isn't a fan!
8. One character makes a Star Trek reference, several times
9. River "make it blue again!"
10. "You tell the Doctor what he **** ****, and what he **** ***** ****"

The Impossible Astronaut airs this Saturday on BBC One and BBC HD at 6pm.