Name: Paradigm Daleks
Species: Daleks
Home Planet: Skaro (now destroyed)
Episodes: Victory of the Daleks (2010), The Pandorica Opens (2010), The Big Bang (2010), City of the Daleks (2010) & Doctor Who Live (2010)

Information: It's World-War 2 time in London and The Doctor visit's to see an old frined - Winston Churchill. When the Doctor get's there he finds out that Winston has employed some new machines - The Daleks. The Doctor knows this is wrong, but trying to tell Winston that is trying to talk to a brick wall! Eventually the Doctor found out the Daleks real plan and with his TARDIS went up to a Dalek ship to discover a whole new brand of Daleks. The Doctor had to think fast, so he pulled out a Jammy Dodger out of his pocket and told them that it was the TARDIS self-destruct device (basically it would blow up the TARDIS). The Daleks were in the crowd at the Pandorica as they were the main leaders in putting the Doctor inside the Pandorica. The Daleks appeared in an Animated Episode where viewers got to help the Doctor destroy the Daleks and restore London 1963. That episode also saw the return of the Dalek Emperor. These new Daleks played a big part in the Live Tour which saw them using an Alien Showman trapping the Doctor.

: Pepper-pot shaped Robots. Eye-Stalk, Laser Gun and a Sucker design.

: The Doctor