Matt Smith has revealed how he thinks that the Doctor can be selfish, as he can be in-considerate of his companions feelings.

He told SFX:
"He's such a nomad, and he does his thing.... He doesn't quite engage in the way that other people do. He's his own man,"
"When you think about it, he's actually quite selfish. Because he picks these people up - often hot women - and then cruises around, drops them off, and goes, 'See you later. Someone else's turn!"
He also revealed his favourite stories so far:
"I love the [Weeping] Angels episodes, 'The Time Of Angels'. I love 'The Eleventh Hour', I love 'Day of the Moon', I love 'The Big Bang', I love 'Vincent And The Doctor'… It's so tricky. I love them for so many different reasons because I have so many memories associated with them."
Earlier today, a new trailer for Series 6 part 2 aired.