Series 4 is Over, What Next?

The picture above was made by me.

Doctor Who Series 4 may be over now, but there is still loads of things to look forward to! First off, the Doctor Who special mini episode starring David Tennant and a "special returning guest" will be shown on July 27th as part of the Doctor Who BBC Proms. Then there's a fully length episode of Torchwood called Lost Souls which guest stars Freema Agyeman and will air this Summer on BBC Radio 4. Then there's the second Series of The Sarah Jane Adventures which airs in Autumn on BBC One and consists of 12 half hour episodes making 6 stories. Next there's the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008 which will air on Christmas Day and it features the return of the Cybermen. And early next year Torchwood Series 3 airs which consists of 5 episodes which continue on from each other and will air in one week on BBC One. It is rumoured new cast members will be Freema Agyeman (Martha) and Noel Clarke (Mickey).Then there's the 3 special Doctor Who episodes which will be an hour long each and star David Tennant. The specials are expected to air in Easter, Summer and Christmas 2009. Finally there will be a full fifth series of Doctor Who in 2010 and Steven Moffat hints: "They're back". What do you think of the "future" of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures? Please leave your comments. Thanks!

~ Zobles